Author Topic: Pagan Persecution by Christians  (Read 4749 times)

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Pagan Persecution by Christians
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:07:04 PM »
Very emotive and some might find it to be very controversial. Anyone who knows me well knows I am not one to try and stir up a hornet’s nest, and certainly not one who would wish to generate any ill feeling, but I read so much ill conceived, inaccurate and to be blunt, almost discriminatory comments about paganism that I feel compelled to air my views on the subject. Anyone who has got this far and discounted my comments as being over reactionary, please check out the Christian web sites at the end of this article.

Before rolling up my sleeves and getting down to making a defence of my wonderful faith. Let me say that I know many wonderful Christians, many, who like myself do not cast judgements on other people and are content to live and let live. This article is aimed at the small minority of people who call themselves Christian, claim to act for, and on behalf of God, but are in fact totally blind, ignorant and so full of themselves that they don’t see that they (to quote their own bible) should remove the beam from their own eye so that they can see clearly enough to remove the splinter from mine.

These people stand in judgement of the pagan community. They clearly do not have a clue what paganism is about. They quote pieces of text that have been written by some well known pagan, they miss quote it, or miss understand it, then to rub salt into the wound, if you try to defend your faith, they (non pagan) will tell you (pagan) that you do not understand your own religion as well as they do!

They walk on thin ice, for if they wish to get into a ‘quotes’ debate, the bible is full of double meanings and quotes that contradict other parts of the bible. Yet, they can see all too clear that in these cases it is simply a matter of taking things out of context, whilst at the same time they are all to willing to judge a religion, that they know so little about, in black and white terms! Their attempt to take the holy ‘high ground’ is both shameful and dishonourable, and the only saving grace for some, is the fact that they are trammelled and programmed by their beliefs, that they actually deem themselves to be unquestionably right.

On the other hand we have pagans. Yes there are bad Pagans to be sure, in the same way as there are bad Christians, or bad any other religion you care to mention. But a true Pagan loves God(s), nature, their fellow human beings, we respect all life, and we respect everyone else’s religion up to a point. I say up to a point because no pagan would have any respect for any religion that wished or practised harm on others.

Pagans are people who are free minded and think for themselves. We do not follow like sheep, we follow our hearts and we choose our own path. As such we respect anyone of any faith that follows their path for the same reason. We do not stand in judgement of others, we do not think ourselves so high and mighty as to be the only group with all the answers to all the questions. Yet are wise enough and content to know that there are many paths, all mostly valid.

As a pagan I cherish the rights of everyone to follow their own heart and path. I would stand and fight for the rights of a Christian to be a Christian, a Jew to be a Jew and so on. But what a shameful thing that the Christians I speak of, would not only not stand up for me, they would help to condemn me.

You know, I actually believe there was a guy who lived about 2000 years ago called Jesus. I like to think he was a wonderful and a loving man, certainly so many of the things he said were so loving and understanding. I genuinely believe he would be both saddened and disheartened to see the amount of 'junk' that has weighed down the message he spread.

To the small minority of Christians I am speaking to……… Why do you feel the need to stand in judgement of me? I wish you no harm, I wish you only peace. I wish only to live in harmony with you, and I am happy that you have found your saviour. I have no desire nor do I want to convert you. I love my God(s), I love this world, I love my fellow human beings, and I cherish all life. Does this really sound evil to you? Or are you now going to tell me that I do not understand my own religion, what I am doing, or what I believe.

Take a moment to look at yourselves. Stood around with stones in your hands ready to cast the first one. Think outside the box for just a minute…. Are you sure you are as good and right as you claim to be?

If your loving God wants to place me into your living hell with your devil for being the pagan I am, the same loving God who then places you into your heaven for endlessly persecuting me, then surly this is my concern........ not yours. Please, re-read this paragraph. Do you not think your perspective is both hypocritical and twisted? I do not want to be saved by your 'image' of God. He does not sound very loving to me. I am content with my own image of God.

We will make a deal with you. If you cannot accept us in the same way we can accept you....... then get off our case, stop preaching as a means to justify your own beliefs, stop trying to save us, and leave us alone. Deal?

Over the years I have found myself sighing and shaking my head sadly at the ignorant comments of some ministers and priests of the Christian faith. I have read the same kind of comments in some magazines and I have come across countless web sites that appear to want to do nothing except defame the pagan faith. Below, during a mere 15 minute search of the web, I came across these few examples. To be honest they are tame in comparison to others I have experienced in the past, and I have every intention to continue expanding this list.

Please note: Unlike the other links on Pagan Heart, the links here will only be checked very rarely, so due to the ever changing nature of the internet you might find the odd one to be dead.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.