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Every Shaman has visited the Astral dimension. Each culture or religion or experience may have a different name for the world it’s self but if you ask for a description, talk with a Shaman, they will tell you the same story from one part of the world to the next.

The Astral is a dimension, which overlays this physical world. It is accessible through spiritual endeavour, meditation, hallucinogenic imbibing of substances and magic.

Rituals will keep a state of permanence in this realm or dimension, which enables doorways or ‘portals’ to remain in the same place. The Astral world is similar to this earthly realm with the added bonus of experiences of soul travel, access to Universities of Life and teachers who are immortals.

The Immortals figure greatly in some of the Shaman experiences and not at all in other experiences. Astral travelling seems to be a subjective experience, which allows the devotee to expand personal gnosis and experience without harm to the physical self.

The dangers of astral travel seem to be firmly placed in the psychological arena. Hearts being stopped by sudden external noise not withstanding the mental energies, once locked into the astral world are subjected to ‘real time experiences with reality overtones’. These experiences can range from a pleasant ‘walk’ in the next realm, to a no holds barred battle with a dimensional evil being who has intentions of injuring the Shaman. Many practitioners of meditation or trance work will have a system of retrieval for their soul in the event it becomes ‘lost’ on the astral plane.

The Astral by shamanistic descriptions seems to be a dimension as real as this world, accessible through the mind. Occasionally a Shaman may claim to physically enter the Astral dimensions and then the danger is very real, that they are unable to come back to this realm.

Some of the exponents of a different realm are a surprisingly eclectic mix: -
Carl Jung describes himself as being transported into a region of outer space, phantasmagorical in appearance.

Carlos Castaneda wrote several books about his journeys to a realm, which he names as ‘the crack between the worlds’.

William Blake visited Heavenly Realms.

The Astral or Akashic records are a library where the records of each persons deeds are recorded and are accessible by mortals visiting the Astral plane. That the Akashic records are a reference to a specific religion and not world phenomena seems not to have any influence on this recording of all of mankind irrespective of religions.

Thought forms, God forms, and similar states of being tying the Astral world and the Physical world are common worldwide phenomena. The ‘links’ or ties of a large body of mountains or a tract of forest seems to act as a link between the worlds and if the land is damaged in this area then the link is broken and cannot be re-attached quickly, it will ‘heal itself’ in its own time.

The use of an hallucinogenic to enable visiting the Astral world has been a common occurrence throughout the Shaman religion and in later experimentation between students and adventurers. Many attest to having visited a world remarkably similar in appearance to this world, with colours perhaps more vibrant and shapes a little more ethereal, yet the similarity will suddenly play a note of discord by having a purple elephant in a field or a choir of angels singing in a meadow. Anything it would seem, goes.

It would be wrong to consign the Astral world to the minds of hallucinogenic ingesting weirdoes’. The Astral is visited in dreams, during meditation and in extremis of pain or ecstasy. The hallucinogens are merely a short cut not advised by the author to any untrained person.

The Astral is believed to be a Subjective Experience with an Objective Nature.